Brands Growing

People Connecting

Know an Audience. Grow an Audience. Improve Conversions. Validate Ideas

"I'm a business growth strategist, 
delivering intelligent solutions 

connecting brands with their customers."

Business Goals
Customer Experience

Right Message > Right Time > Right Place



My mission is to strengthen human connection and empathy within communities by influencing a better understanding of human behaviour and making it a central focus for building products, services and communications. 



Connect your business with the right customers and deliver them an exceptional experience before, during and after transacting with you. 

Every touchpoint your customers have with your brand matters and is an opportunity for you to influence it for the better. 


If you understand & empathise with your target audience, you’ll know how to provide an experience that makes them happy.


You’ll then have the best chance of success with an audience that brings business results. 

This discipline is called ‘CX’ (Customer Experience), but I also refer to it as ‘good business’

  • Create or enhance the customer experience across your business

  • Better understand your customers & their needs

  • Know your competitors & opportunities to outperform them 

  • Build or enhance a brand strategy

  • Build or enhance a marketing strategy

  • Build or enhance a content strategy

  • Build or enhance a social media strategy

  • Build or enhance a website or digital product (or parts of)

  • Validate your business idea




"We achieve long-term business growth with minimal risk when we earn the hearts

and minds of customers by facilitating an exceptional experience from intelligently
crafted strategies delivered through thoughtful execution."


- CQ



My role is to listen, guide and simplify the journey of enhancing your business and set out a roadmap for which you can continually improve...

hypothesise, validate, test-measure-improve.

I apply a human-centric, customer-obsessed, design-led and data-driven approach.



Data tells the real story, we have to actively listen and capitalise on human behaviour.



The heart of your customer’s needs. How will you empathise with them
to create an incredible journey?



The ‘why’ to your business activity; an existential purpose that your customers identify with



Expand our solution thinking. Explore opportunities.



How and where your customers will see, hear, feel you and ultimately know you, like you and trust you.



The customer experience delivered through digital channels to meet
and exceed their expectations. To effectively measure results and create business efficiencies.


OUR JOURNEY - The Process



If you need help with content creators, designers, change management and advertising expertise to deliver your strategy, I have your back.  

You will have a well-defined strategy to brief them and create efficiencies in executing your campaigns. I call them my A-Team.


When you need them I send out an ‘assemble experts’ radio wave that travels the world and then they step-up into action for you. OK not really, but that is essentially what happens in a less dramatic fashion. Working with suppliers who suit your individual needs and act as an extension of your team and brand purpose is a priority.


I have built an international team that aligns with my values in service delivery but ultimately, whom you select can be personalised to your requirements, budgets and location.

Additional Services Include:

  • Content Creation

  • Social Media Management

  • Performance Analytics

  • Graphic Design

  • Copywriting

  • Public Relations

  • Website & App Development


“It’s not enough to have a

good campaign, product or website,

people want to be understood & inspired”

- CQ


The methodology and skills on offer to you have been formed from a solid twenty years of intermediate, senior-level & international experience across technology, design, branding, marketing & communications, digital transformation & national business operations.


General Manager, AU

Head of Digital Trading  The National Gallery, UK

Speaker  Association of Cultural Enterprises, EU

Advisory Board Member  IDC Digital Transformation, EU Marketing Director   Pixis, UK

Marketing Director  Fathom Business Solutions, UK

Digital Manager  Voyages Jules Verne, UK Digital Manager  

REX Resorts (Caribbean) & Safaris (Africa)

Head of Design & Marketing  Realmark Real Estate, WA




  • National re-brand

  • Authority Building (approx $60mil media value)

  • Established internal & external business operations

  • Finalist – UDIA Women in Leadership Award 2018

National Gallery, London

  • e-commerce end to end operations; logistics, marketing, customer service

  • Launched an in-house ticketing platform operations & UX

  • Launched in-house membership platform, operations & UX

  • Photo Library IP & Distribution eg. Louis Vuitton, Top Shop

  • Location filming & photography contracts & partnerships
    eg. Film London, Downton Abbey, Bond

Rex Resorts & Safaris – Caribbean & Africa


  • Launched digital booking system & logistics

  • End to end marketing, website & booking platform

  • International social media communities

  • Marketing & communications cycle & systems

  • Data consolidation

  • Industry training & engagement digital program

Realmark Real Estate

  • Australian Business Award for Marketing Excellence

  • Internal & External Communication Platforms

  • Corporate Marketing, Design & Digital Innovations




Chelsey is a truly talented professional in her field... Chelsey deep dives into her client's needs and delivers tangible, non-fluffy, empathetic, insights and guidance. Working with Chelsey is easy, fun, strategic and transformative. I feel incredibly blessed to have worked together, she is my advocate, a trusted advisor, and the only person I would currently trust with my brand requirements.. and I look forward to continuing this relationship together.. anyone who works with Chelsey will not be disappointed.”

Taminda Pollé


Chelsey is an extremely wonderful person to do business with. We worked together on various projects over the course of a year, and Chelsey at all times demonstrated a collaborative and engaged approach to achieving results. Genuine, astute, honest, committed and hardworking, Chelsey is one of those rare people who are able to successfully (and genuinely) co-prioritize business success and business relationships. Working with Chelsey, you can be assured you will receive outstanding results, coupled with a brilliant working relationship!”

Erin Greaves


Chelsey is hugely professional, efficient, results-focused and fun to work with. She has a 'never say die' attitude which always impresses me. She is able to work with a range of personalities and people, always holding herself to high standards. I would happily recommend Chelsey to any future employer or client.”

Sue Papadoulis


Hugely professional, efficient, results-focused and fun to work with”


Demands high standards from the work being delivered, and herself, whilst simultaneously being full of energy and positivity, making the work fun as well as stimulating”


This remarkable woman has made waves in the digital business and marketing industries across the World. She proves you can never underestimate a petite woman who loves pink!”





It all comes from a desire to connect creatively with humans. I’m forever on a course of learning what drives the human character and how design & technology influences our lives.


Through this experience, I am able to apply myself passionately to businesses and accept any challenge that comes my way.


With this in mind, I have a strong need to travel, explore and discover. Although cities have a place in my heart, my ideal location is close to nature. For those reasons I work and live in a way that I can combine technology, business and lifestyle choices to effectively and flexibly work with clients.

My priority is to ensure you get the

best version of me.